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Get Grip-Tite. Get it Done Right. You only need to remember those words. When it comes to any type of foundation repair – be it residential or commercial – Grip-Tite Foundation Repair has the expertise, the industry-leading products, and the thoroughness and care you'd expect from an Iowa-based company using products made right here in Iowa.

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If it involves your foundation, we fix it! Foundation problems come in many shapes and sizes; from exterior and visible foundation cracks to interior bowing basement walls. Unstable soils can also lead to foundation separation resulting in unsightly and weakened foundations as well uneven and sloping floors. Water in your basement? You can prevent it with Grip-Tite Foundation Repair. We offer both internal and external waterproofing services. Mud jacking , also known as Slab jacking, is also part of our residential services. We can lift uneven sections of your basement floor, driveway, sidewalks and more!

For commercial and large-scale construction services, please refer to our Commercial Foundations page or call 641-396-2222.

Bowing Walls

Bowing basement can severely affect the structure, integrity, and safety of your home's foundation. Fortunately, Grip-Tite Foundation Repair is the exclusive provider in Central Iowa of the Grip-Tite WallAnchor – the industry-leading choice to restore your basement wall's integrity. Better yet? The Grip-Tite Wall Anchor is made in Iowa.

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Foundation Settlement

Fact: Iowa has expansive soils. Fact: Because of the expansion and contraction of our soils, your home's foundation may settle over time giving way to unsightly cracks or possibly uneven floors, causing loss of property value and potentially giving way to further damage.

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Sinking Slabs

Commonly, sinking slabs may be confused with more severe foundation problems but that's not always the case. While exterior sidewalks, patios, and porches that have sunk in toward your home may lead to water damage, they can typically be easily fixed Grip-Tite Foundation's Repair's mud-jacking.

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Sagging Floors

Why let the problems continue to cause your home and property further damage that will only cost you more money in repairs but dramatically lowers the value of your property.

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Your basement wasn't made to collect water, so keep it out with Grip-Tite Foundation Repair's external and internal waterproofing systems. Far better to take preventative measures than to deal later with long-term foundation problems caused by water damage, not to mention mold and mildew.

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Grip-Tite Foundation Repair, a division of JRS Excavating conveniently located between St. Charles and Winterset, Iowa, provides foundation wall restoration, foundation stabilization and re-leveling, new construction solutions, and interior and exterior water control systems using genuine, guaranteed Grip-Tite products installed by trained and certified Grip-Tite personnel.

Grip-Tite Foundation Repair brings the expertise and integrity of over 90 years of anchoring know how to residential and commercial customers in Central Iowa by offering a wide variety of foundation repair solutions utilizing the same Grip-Tite products that have been synonymous with a safe, secure basement in Iowa and the nation for more than 39 years.

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