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Grip-Tite Foundation Repair covers all aspects of Basement repair. Bowing basement walls, cracked foundations, settlement, sinking slabs, and more in Central Iowa.

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Grip-Tite Foundation Repair HistoryGrip-Tite Foundation Repair, a division of JRS Excavating conveniently located between St. Charles and Winterset, Iowa, provides foundation wall restoration, foundation stabilization and re-leveling, new construction solutions, and interior and exterior water control systems using genuine, guaranteed Grip-Tite products installed by trained and certified Grip-Tite personnel. Grip-Tite Foundation Repair brings the expertise and integrity of over 90 years of anchoring know how to residential and commercial customers in Central Iowa by offering a wide variety of foundation repair solutions utilizing the same Grip-Tite products that have been synonymous with a safe, secure basement in Iowa and the nation for more than 35 years.

Grip-Tite® Manufacturing Co., L.L.C. of Winterset, Iowa has been manufacturing earth anchoring products for over 88 years! In the 1920's and 30's, Grip-Tite® anchors were used to secure highway guard cables, then used extensively for guying oil well derricks and oil pipelines.

Following WWII, Grip-Tite® developed anchors for the rapidly growing rural electrification network of overhead lines. Since that time, Grip-Tite® has been supplying earth anchoring products for overhead electric and telephone lines – serving electric and telephone utilities coast to coast and outside the United States. Today, Grip-Tite® continues as one of the leading earth anchor manufacturers for the electric and telephone industries.

Grip-Tite® recognized the tremendous need for a product to simply and effectively secure and stabilize cracked and bowing basement walls without replacement of the walls! After an extensive development effort and using a modified anchor Grip-Tite® originally produced for the electric systems of the Island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, the Grip-Tite® Wall Anchor System became a reality. Hundreds of thousands of the Grip-Tite® Wall Anchor Systems have been installed and continue to give confidence and peace of mind to the homeowners involved.

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We can say this because we have been delivering on a promise of celebrated quality and service in the foundation repair and earth anchoring industry for more than 95 years. It's the little things that matter that you will benefit from our unmatched experience and the exceeding attention to detail that our dealers put into every foundation repair job.

Why are more and more homeowners choosing us for their foundation repair needs?  Because it is not easy finding the right foundation contractor, but you will find that Grip-Tite® Authorized Dealers adhere to some very basic rules of honesty, integrity, responsibility and respect.

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