Sinking Slabs

Grip-Tite Foundation Repair of central Iowa offers slabjacking to solve sinking, cracked, and uneven concrete floors.

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Sinking Slabs


Foundation Repair Issue Sinking SlabsSlab jacking, also called mud jacking, can usually be done for less than half the cost of pouring new concrete. But the savings may be even greater once you factor in eliminating the costs of demolition, removal and landscaping. Most projects can be completed quickly and economically with minimal disruption. Our foundation repair professionals can raise a patio in the morning and the owner can have a party on it later that night!

Mud jacking is a cost-effective alternative to replacing sinking concrete. At Grip-Tite Foundation Repair, we use this repair method at Central Iowa homes to fix: sidewalks, streets, ramps, patios, driveways, floors, parking lots, and garage floors--almost anything that's concrete. It is highly effective in commercial and residential situations.

Sinking Slabs Foundation Issues

Mud jacking is quick and easy. Since the old concrete is not removed, very little mess or inconvenience is involved. Surrounding sod is not damaged or removed, so there is no need to re-seed and wait for grass to grow, and the newly-raised slabs can be put back into service as soon as the job is finished. You don't have to wait for the grout to cure!

Also available are the Grip-Tite Slab Piers, a permanent fix for basement floors or slab on grade homes. Visit our parent-company website for more information on how slab piers might be the solution for you. More Information